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BGCTRR Club Member, Jusiyah Performs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Regional Conference

Pictured here Jusiyah Bryant, Durell Petway, Ron Green

Our club member, Michael Jackson, also known as Jusiyah Bryant, showed several Boys & Girls Clubs professionals all over the east coast his dancing skills! Jusiyah was one of the club members selected in the Northeast and Southeast region to perform.

If you attended our LABB Clubhouse, you probably couldn’t take your eyes off Jusiyah. Most days, after completing his homework, he can be found in front of a small crowd of club members, practicing his skill.

Jusiyah has attended our club for over five years and enjoys having a safe place to do what he loves and share his talents. Jusiyah’s grandmother loves that our clubhouse plays a big part in his life. She has supported the club’s efforts since the beginning of his journey.

Jusiyah’s grandmother has grown to love what our club offers her grandson. She often states, “The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tar River Region have been a blessing to my family for many reasons. I could not do this alone.

In September, Jusiyah’s dream of being on a big stage came true. Some of our corporate staff attended the conference. More importantly, his grandmother and aunt were there to see just how far being in the club can take you. To see Jusiyah transform into Michael Jackson and dance to the famous song Another Part of Me, click the video below. We are grateful we can help our club members dream big, achieve their goals and reach their full potential.