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While we’ve made the decision to shut our locations down, BGCTRR is not closed! We’re still
working to meet the needs of our students, families, community and our staff.

We have set up a virtual model where staff can connect to club members by phone, internet,
video and text. This way, we can maintain our relationships with the club members, and they
can keep up their relationships with their peers. With so much fear surrounding the virus, we
want to stay in touch with club members and do our best to help them manage their stress as
the social distancing continues. We also hope to continue to work with club members on their
academic work, and are communicating with our school partners to make this happen.

Beyond our virtual program, we are offering nutritious drop-off lunches to club members to help
them stay healthy. We are doing our best to accommodate for demand, and hope to provide
dinner eventually as well.

We will continue to employ our full staff throughout this pandemic. BGCTRR is a family, and that
includes staff as well as club members. The staff will continue to support our club members and
advance our mission through our online platform until we can return to normal operations.

In a world of uncertainty, BGCTRR is a trusted organization upon whom our community
depends. Our work is developing young people through their academic success, health and
wellness, and good character and citizenship. This takes years. Our youth need long term,
trusting relationships, not programs. Our work is not project based; it’s always on going.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel many of our fundraisers, as we can no longer meet in
person or give tours. What we need from our donors now is your continued partnership, so we
can continue to serve the community through this storm. This too shall pass, but we need your
help to weather through it and come out stronger and better able to serve our club members,
families, staff and community.

Thank you for your partnership.