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We want to highlight one of our Alumni, Gabriel Woodard. Gabriel is currently a Junior majoring in Mass Communication. We were excited to see Gabriel leading the band this past week at their homecoming game. Gabriel is one of the Drum Majors in the Blue And Gold Marching Machine. 

Like most of our Alumni, Gabriel had no idea that attending our Club would change his life. Gabriel can attest to having parents that have always wanted the absolute best for their son but did not know the additional resources he would need in life to succeed.

Before joining the Clubhouse, Woodard did not think he would learn anything. However, his mom saw all the resources our Clubhouse could offer and quickly signed him up as a member. She knew this would be the best experience for him. She eventually started taking him to The Club every day, and Woodard adapted to the environment and built similar interests with other club members. 

Woodard stated, “The connections I made with my peers and staff made The Club experience is one that I will always value and cherish. The Club allowed me to build friendships with people around the same age as me. The Club made the discussion groups we participated in a safe space for me to share my opinions and feel comfortable with my peers. One of my favorite memories from The Club is when we visited a college or university every Thursday. Activities such as this one gave me a lot of insight into the college experience at a young age. Because of The Club, I have obtained a strong work ethic in my personal, academic, and athletic aspects in my life.”

Sometimes, taking a chance at something unfamiliar can take a toll on us. Other times, taking a chance on something that could improve our lives is the best outcome one can hope for. Gabriel took a chance by joining The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tar River Region and left with more wisdom and knowledge than when he arrived. 

This summer, Gabriel worked as an Economic Development Consultant with the Department of Economic Development for the state of Nebraska with the help of Trevon Brooks, MBA & Anthony Goins. 

We are proud of Gabriel and excited to see his journey continue.